School News

Welcome New Staff
 We are proud to announce that the LHSAGM has named Mr. John Meunier as the Director of We Play For Him (WPFH).  WPFH is our affiliated organization to the three High Schools that is responsible for and focuses on delivering our Brand, Mission, Vision and Core Values to the area of youth activities including our Thunder programs, Jr. Spartan programs and Jr. Red Knight programs. This includes band, athletics and other youth programs that are offered to the communities that Milwaukee Lutheran, Martin Luther and Lake Country Lutheran High Schools serve.
John will be responsible for all of the operations related to WPFH and will report directly to the WPFH Board of Directors. John will work closely with the three Athletic Directors of our three high schools so that the exceptional experiences that we are attempting to ensure at the high school level are also available to our families with kids who are in grades 3-8. John is responsible for the WPFH programs at all three schools, however, initially he will be spending the majority of his time focusing on the programs at LCL and developing a robust online platform where all of the WPFH teams and groups will be able to navigate easily all things related to WPFH.
CEO Cole adds, “I am very excited about the opportunity for the LHSAGM and WPFH to add John to the team. The most important thing in our organization is our culture. The behaviors that we exhibit need to be a reflection of our Brand, Mission, Vision and our Core Values. As young future students in our three schools are exposed to the way our coaches and administrators invest and care about them I am filled with joy that John will be leading our organization in regards to these families. I have known John for a long time and have seen him interact with these young kids with the vision of providing them with an exceptional experience. We are blessed to have John joining us. When you see John in the hallways please make him feel welcome and say hi.”
About John
John is a graduate of Oconomowoc High School and earned his Marketing degree from Chippewa Valley College in Eau Claire. John has over twenty-five years of sales experience in the real estate and golf equipment industries. Most recently, John was the Owner and General Manager of the La Belle Golf Club in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. After three years at the helm, John sold the golf course last May.
“I’ve had some time to think about what my next professional opportunity was
going to be and considered numerous options,” said Meunier. “After touring
Lake Country Lutheran, Martin Luther and Milwaukee Lutheran High Schools
and learning how passionate all the staff members were about the brand and mission, I knew God directed me to this special opportunity to affect young peoples lives in a positive manner.”
John has been a leader in youth programs in the Oconomowoc area for over
thirty years. “I’m passionate about how youth sports can be a endless
procession of teachable moments and a character building tool for the rest of
a young persons life,” said Meunier. “I look forward to delivering the brand message through our programs as we also introduce these young children to our three outstanding schools.”
Outside of work, John enjoys playing golf, coaching, kayaking, traveling and attending Packers, Brewers, Bucks and Badgers sporting events. He lives in Oconomowoc and has been married to his wife Deb for 24 years, and they have a son, JJ, and two daughters, Lindsey and Lauren.
Welcome to the LHSAGM family, John!