Spirit Wear

Let your school pride show. Browse our exclusive collection of “We Teach Truth” items and make a statement about your school, faith and community. Every item is customizable: choose your school or We Teach Truth logo, color and/or choose from our nine shareable images.

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  • WeTeachTruth Bracelets

    WeTeachTruth Bracelets

    Let it be known that you stand up for your school and faith with these customizable bracelet bands.

  • Tee Shirts

    Tee Shirts

    Spark the conversation or show off your humor with a customizable t-shirt. Choose from school or We Teach Truth logos; or our nine shareable images; and pick your favorite color.

  • Necktie


    Personalize a tie with a custom logo for a faculty member or for the favorite men in your life.

  • Coffee Mug

    Coffee Mug

    You’re coffee and tea always taste better out of a meaningful cup. Choose the logo or image that’s perfect for you.

  • Water Bottle

    Water Bottle

    This heavy-duty, customizable and reusable water bottle can be trekked down any path.

  • Pint Glass

    Pint Glass

    The personalized pint glass is always the household’s favorite glass.

  • Mouse Pads

    Mouse Pads

    Give your mouse the perfect home with a customizable mouse pad.

  • Cutting Board

    Cutting Board

    Add some personalization to your meal preparation with the customizable cutting board.

  • Coaster Set (4)

    Coaster Set (4)

    Proudly display your school logo and faith with these customizable coasters.

  • Throw Blanket

    Throw Blanket

    The 3″ x 4.5″ customizable throw blanket is a perfect gift for students, teachers or parents.

  • Can Koozies

    Can Koozies

    Keep your drink cool with the logo or image koozie that best represents you.

  • Triangle Bandana

    Triangle Bandana

    Ultra soft, customizable triangle bandanas are both stylish and functional.

  • Paperweight


    Celebrate your faith, passion and pride with the customizable paperweight.

Customize and place your order today. Call (414) 421-9100.