The “WHY”: Meet Germyah, Alyssa, & Leondray
Cole Braun - LHSAGM Chief Executive Officer

Meet Germyah.

“I am going to be a doctor.”

Germyah (pictured on the left) stated this guarantee as an 8th grader, with the intent of continuing that pursuit at Milwaukee Lutheran. Germyah recently graduated as a Red Knight, where she finished with a 3.8 GPA and was a member of National Honor Society. She was a strong ambassador for MLHS during her time, regularly assisting the admissions office in sharing her proud endorsements of her high school experience. Germyah chose to attend Tennessee State University, double majoring in biology and psychology with a minor in Spanish. She states, “Since I stayed ahead of the game and took a full A.P. and Honors course load at Milwaukee Lutheran, I was able to begin TSU as a sophomore. With my degrees, I plan to become a successful bilingual neurosurgeon.” As one MLHS staff member put it, “When Germyah said she was going to be a doctor, you just knew that she was going to make it happen. It is inspiring how laser-focused she is on her dream, and what an honor it is that we at MLHS were able to play a role in that pursuit.” Germyah is currently preparing for the mCAT as she continues her journey to medical school.

Meet Alyssa.

“I didn’t know that when I drove to Indianapolis that Friday night that I would leave on Sunday appreciating LCL more than ever…”

Alyssa graduated from Lake Country Lutheran this past spring and is now a freshman at Butler University in Indianapolis, where she is a biochemistry major with minors in both Spanish and neuroscience. The words above are from her mother after they dropped their oldest daughter off for that first day of college. Mom shares, “We left Alyssa at Butler yesterday, and as expected, there were many mixed emotions. But one thing I noticed that was really cool was the picture frame on the top shelf of Alyssa’s desk. It wasn’t her with her dad- rather, it was with an LCL teacher and coach, Mr. Oldenburg. I think it shows how much he invested in her, the influence he had in her, and the respect she has for him. I know there are other teachers that significantly influenced her as well. On the drive down, she asked if I thought a Lutheran or Evangelical Bible study would be best. She decided to try them both. I suspect Mr. Newman’s influence resulted in making Bible study a top priority. I could go on! One emotion that came with leaving Alyssa was fear.  My fear was tempered by the influence I can see that LCL had on her. Thank you to LCL for doing a great job…what an amazing foundation and valuable support she received there.”

Meet Leondray.

“I wanted to join the family.”

Leondray was baptized into the family of God as a sophomore at Martin Luther this past year. His quote above speaks to how the Spirit was certainly at work through the remarkable staff and the Spartan student community. Leondray then chose two especially influential Martin Luther teachers to be his sponsors: Mrs. Hartlaub and Mr. Doerr. His first reaction when asked about the impact Martin Luther has had on his life says it all: “I don’t know what to say. All the teachers and peers are Christians and you all teach the Truth. I wanted to join the family…I wanted to be a child of God.” Leondray was one of FIVE students at Martin Luther who received the gift of baptism during the 2016-17 school year. Among them was current sophomore Daja, who also chose members of the Martin Luther family as sponsors: teacher Mr. Pfaller and then-student Grace Amling (Spartan class of ’17 now an education major at Concordia University Wisconsin). Leondray looks forward to continuing writing his story at Martin Luther, with the goal of one day becoming a nurse. Leondray’s draw to that vocation? His joy is reflected by simply sharing, “I like helping people.”

Meet HIM.

“He loved us and gave us eternal comfort and good hope through grace.” 2 Thessalonians 2:17

These are just three of countless students we could introduce you to. Today, we are blessed by over 1,600 students whose high school chapters of their larger story are being written in our schools. And while we could choose to share the “what” of our schools during this past year- our facility improvements, enrollment growth, curriculum expansions, program successes, organizational stability, and the like- we would much rather share with you the “why.” Why do we exist? Why do we do what we do? Simple: in the name and for the sake of Jesus Christ, we do it all for these kids, OUR kids! We exist to serve Him by serving His kids. We exist for Germyah. For Alyssa. For Leondray. For all the young men and women our God calls us to serve. In His name, we will strive to work as hard as we possibly can to serve our students and support our incredible teachers and staff, with the goal that our students may find their identity and purpose in their Savior. What a joy and high responsibility we have to ensure that our students will indeed meet Him in our schools each and every day.

Our school’s theme for this year is “Stand Firm & Speak Truth,” rooted in 2 Thessalonians 2:13-17. In a world that continually seeks to devoid itself of absolute Truth, we will continue to be bold, standing on and speaking of the Truth upon which our schools have forever been built: Jesus makes all the difference. Our desire is that our students would do the same, ultimately building their life on the foundation of Truth, God’s inspired Word, that is forever relevant, reliable, and unwavering. Our purpose is both genuine and indeed significant as the purpose of bringing Christ to the youth of our communities on a daily basis is no doubt a cause worth championing.

At the LHSAGM, we aspire to bring the life-changing name of Jesus Christ to more and more young people & their families through the transformational gift of Christian education. Both in our own personal stories and the stories of all of our students, He indeed does make ALL the difference.

#AllIn For Him,