Why Truth?
Losing Jesus in Schools

As a society, we seem to be pushing God out of our lives. Unfortunately, that includes public schools. In our opinion, this is extremely detrimental to our kids and to society. The Lutheran High School Association of Greater Milwaukee (LHSAGM) is deeply concerned about this growing resentment — and sometimes, open hostility — toward Judeo-Christian principles. We imagine many of you are, too.

Impact of Lutheran High Schools

For over 100 years, we’ve been teaching the Gospel Truth to our students, and helping parents raise God-fearing, people-loving young men and women. Along with providing topnotch college-prep curricula, we teach the Christian worldview (i.e. a biblical perspective on life). He has a job for us to do on Earth. And when we die, He will welcome us home — simply if we believe in His Son Jesus, our Savior.

In addition to creating an atmosphere of kindness and respect, this kind of learning environment provides a powerful message of hope and purpose for high school students. While some say God has no place in education, our Lutheran high schools welcome Him into every classroom and every extra-curricular activity. And we’ll gladly welcome you, too. Even if you don’t believe our message, you won’t be able to argue with “the difference” every guest feels when he or she is on one of our campuses.

Join the Movement

The world has changed and we can’t serve ourselves. We need to serve you. Whether you’re a business owner, parent, student or alumni, let’s partner — let’s build stronger relationships. If you agree in our mission to train our young men and women in the knowledge and grace of Jesus Christ, contact us — we’d love to hear from you.

If you disagree with our approach to education, let’s talk. We probably won’t change each other’s minds about anything, but maybe through a loving, respectful discussion, we’ll understand each other a little better. And that’s a start.

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